OH! MAN! Wake Up!

OH! MAN! Wake Up!
You Were NOT Created in Vain!

A glance at our cosmos leads to the conclusion that a knowledgeable creator does exist behind this spectacular show of countless species co-existing in mind-boggling harmony and precision!

The cosmos is a vibrant, coherent structure abounding in a huge variety of creatures, beyond man’s ability to contain and/or to fathom! Every sort has its own rules governing its members’ birth, life, co-existence with others and death..

Among these sorts of creatures is the species/family of stars that are heavily strewn in our skies. Every star is a “nuclear furnace” fueled, from birth to death, by nuclear fusion. Stars serve as “nuclear-fueled lamps” illuminating the high-pitch darkness of our universe, which is, consequently, heavily laden with detrimental (cosmic) radiation. The star’s age ranges from millions to billions of years! There are stars that are hundreds of times larger, just as there are stars that are hundreds of times more luminous, than our Sun!

The only star in our solar system is the Sun, which is about 150, 000, 000 km from our planet Earth. The nearest star to the Sun is the Alpha Centuri at about 4.3 ly, where
1 ly = 9.5 x 10^12 km. This distance is roughly about 43 trillion km, and if NASA sends a space probe to our closest neighbor at 50, 000 km/hr, it will, theoretically, reach it after about 98, 000 years, which is equivalent to about 1, 155 generations!

By going to the map of the Visible Universe, the number of galaxies may exceed 500 billion, with about 200 billion stars per galaxy! Any two neighboring stars are assumed to be about 4.3 ly apart!

In addition to stars, there are planets orbiting the stars. Every star is assumed to have an average of about 4 planets…

In addition to planets, there are asteroids, comets, meteors … and the dark matter whose nature may never be deciphered … !

Comparatively speaking:
Our planet Earth is the size of a pinhead on the map of our Solar System!
Our Solar System is the size of a pinhead on the map of our Galaxy, the Milky Way!
Our Milky Way is the size of a pinhead on the map of our Visible Universe!
Our Visible Universe is the size of a pinhead on the map of our Actual Universe!
It is estimated that our Actual Universe is about 10^100 times our Visible Universe!
The First Heaven is the size of a pinhead in comparison with the Second Heaven!
The Second Heaven is the size of a pinhead in comparison with the Third Heaven!

The Sixth Heaven is the size of a pinhead in comparison with the Seventh Heaven!
The Seventh Heaven is the size of a pinhead in comparison with the THRONE!
How Tiny and Flimsy Creatures We Are !!

*** *** ***

Despite all the remarkable advances in astronomy, no life, similar to ours on Earth, has been, as yet, discovered elsewhere in our Universe!

Our life on Earth enjoys, apparently, Godly protection against stark dangers surrounding us. The magnetic field of the Earth and its Ozone layer shield us against detrimental solar winds and cosmic radiation. The Earth’s atmospheric layer(s) preserve a greenhouse effect that is vital for creating an environment necessary for enhancing and maintaining our life. The scenarios of devastating effects arising from the possibility of having sizeable asteroids and meteors hitting the Earth in future have been, as yet, mere arguments. However, they remain frighteningly possible scenarios in future: Among the hundreds of thousands of meteors and asteroids surrounding our planet, at least 300 asteroids have been, as yet, identified to be on collision orbits with the Earth. In other words, their orbits will lead them, sometime in future, to collide with the Earth!
Besides, there are the real, man-made, dangers that may devastate our life on Earth as the result of environmental pollution, reckless resort to nuclear, chemical and biological weapons in conflicts and the reckless discharge of ozone-destroying gases into our atmosphere … For how long will our God’s mercy protect us from our own insanities?! This may not be for long: Sin, corruption, greed, unethical rivalry, aggression, injustice … are becoming epidemic! Man is becoming oblivious of his Creator! How long will it take before God’s wrath strikes?! Only God knows how long!! He is The Omniscient, The Omnipotent, The Omnipresent and The Just!!
Oh GOD, shield us by Your mercy from Your wrath!!
Oh GOD, Bless Us, In Thee We Trust!!

Images of Our Multi-storey Home

The following images show:
– our Earth within our Solar System (1st image),
– our Solar System within our Milky Way (2nd, 3rd and 4th images) and
– our Milky Way within our Visible Universe (5th image):

Earth within Our Solar System:

1st Image

Our Solar System within Our Milky Way:

2nd and 3rd Images

4th Image

Our Milky Way on the Map of Our Visible Universe:

(Refer to the Plane of Our Milky Way indicated by the far right arrow pointing left)

5th Image

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