Announcement to Visitors

Dear visitors,
I feel very much obliged and overwhelmed by your gracious and encouraging comments. I am very pleased, too, to see that my blogging has helped others to come out of real predicaments and alerted them about possible pitfalls ahead.
Few exceptions, every now and then, do not tar this image in my mind. I do appeal to all of you, especially those who abuse what this platform offers and are inclined to drift away from common sense etiquette and codes, to think of blogging as a platform for civilized expression of stances and views, not for the display of nonsense-reactions and attitudes. Every body is entitled to his/her own thinking and convictions. No body has, or may claim to have, any right to belittle and/or undercut what others think.
This platform is NOT INTERACTIVE with the author/blogger. Responding to all comments goes beyond my capacity to cope with such a heavy task. However, visitors have the chance to access others views, and respond to, if they wish.
My best wishes and good luck for all.

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