Oh! Man! Wake Up! (3)

Oh! Man! Wake Up! (3)
How tiny and feeble you are!

The atheists say: Wombs eject, tombs digest and death is the end of man’s trot!
And they apply this logic to the other living creatures. But is this a rational way of thinking?
No matter how talented Nature is, the atheists’ theories do not, and can not, address the issue: Who created Nature?!
I go further to highlight the atheists’ dilemma, and the dead lock to which it leads, as follows:
A wise man was living on one side of a river. On the other side of the river lived many of his friends who, once, sent him an invitation to one of their gatherings in which they talk about general issues related to various streaks of life. Among the hosts were atheists. The wise man arrived 4 hours too late. They blamed him for that, especially that he was known for his punctuality. He apologized and justified his late arrival as follows:
Ladies and gentlemen, I was determined to arrive on time. This season, however, as you know, it rained cats and dogs! Crossing the river by wading was impossible. This obliged me to contact a boatman and ask him to ferry me to your side on time. However, and for unforeseeable reasons, he failed to show up on time. I waited, in vain, for the boat to arrive. Finally I decided to invoke help from the Goddess of Storms. Shortly after that, floating planks of wood started gathering before me, and they arranged themselves in the form of a boat equipped with two oars. After it became ready, I jumped in and rowed to your side.
There was a big row, and shouts of disbelief were heard particularly from the present atheists: You are bluffing! This is a big lie! This is insanity! …
The wise man relaxed, took a long breath and addressed the outraged atheists:
My dear friends be careful and watch out where you tread! You are claiming that Nature was not created, and that we are the product of Nature, and that we live and die and that it is a joke to talk about GOD or CREATOR and about a Day of Resurrection! Here, in this logic of yours, lies insanity! You are not taking my story about how the boat was built because you think that there must be a creator/maker who should have prepared the planks and built the boat. On the other hand, friends, you do not believe that we, and other creatures, are being created by a creator. Now, you see that the Creator must exist and that He must be in charge of his creation! Besides, this harmony and endless variety of creatures point to that the Creator, behind all that, must be knowledgeable, wise and able. I call this Creator GOD. The principles, the “building blocks”, and the governing laws of creation, in plants, animals, solids, stars, etc., are the same. This dispels the theory of having several gods. If these gods were to exist, there would be a wide variety in the principles of creation, and there would be “competition” and “rivalry”, among them, for hegemony and supremacy, and that would lead to instability in the whole universe. What one god creates will be always in stark danger of being overrun, or demised, by other competing gods!
My friends, I hope that my “insanity” has settled this issue on which much time was wasted in futile, endless discussions between you and me! It is time to wake up and believe that this universe, of which our home Earth is but a very, very, very tiny portion, has not been created in vain! WHO created us is, surely, able to resuscitate us!

My friends, I am not obtrusive, and I never thought of cutting anyone’s nose and spiting anyone’s face!

*** *** ***

Note: One of the prominent atheists-Darwinists in the 20th Century was Sir Frederick “Fred” Hoyle (1915 – 2001): He was an English astronomer and mathematician noted primarily for his contribution to the theory of stellar nucleosynthesis and his rejection of the “Big Bang” theory, a term originally coined by him, in 1949, on BBC radio. Hoyle, who is seen as the father of the theory of stellar nucleosynthesis, believed that the argument of having a Creator was “irrational” and couldn’t be “described in scientific terms”! [Wikipedia]

*** *** ***
Highlighting the Conviction that the
Does Exist yet Further

I- Prelude

As we usually say it:
– God did not create anything in vain.
– God knows everything before creating it, and He knows how things that He has not   create yet will be when He decides to create them.
– Everything in God’s Kingdom is accounted for and is under control.
– If the ocean’s water were ink, and were used to write down God’s words, and if 7 other similar oceans were used for that same purpose, the ink would be depleted before completing the job!
– God dose not sleep and does not forget.
– God does not accept from His creatures anything less than complete submission to His Will.
– God is The Omnipotent, The Omniscient, The Omnipresent, The Eternal, The Immortal, The Benefactor, The Merciful, The Wise, The Judge (on the Day of Trial), The King and The Manager of the affairs of everything in His Kingdom from atoms and sub-atoms and beyond to galaxies and super galaxies and beyond, and nothing escapes His Attention.

By taking human beings for illustration, we say that we are known to our Creator/God before we are born. To illustrate the complexity of such a situation, imagine that Mr. X was born in a village in India, where he was raised and educated, etc. As a grown up, he decided to immigrate to the USA in pursuit of better means of living. During the only one visit to south Chili, he met, and was attracted, to a lady there. They agreed to marry. Their marriage begot children, males and females who were, in turn, dispersed over the Globe … Their individual stories went on, similar to what their parents had had experienced. To us, the x-y story and the stories of their children were a matter of coincidence. To God, however, everything was in His prior knowledge and their was no room for chance and coincidence!

II- The Prenatal Development of a Human Body in Perspective
(Reference: The Developing Human, 7th ed., by Keith L. Moore & T. V. N. Persaud)


It is known that man ejaculates, during intercourse, millions of sperms into the womb, while the female’s ovary releases one mature egg, which will be pushed down the fallopian tube where it will be ready for fertilization. However, only few sperms will survive the march towards the mature egg. Finally, only one sperm succeeds in the attempt to penetrate it, and that signals the start of fertilization. After that, a series of divisions, within the egg, take place, while the egg finally will be implanted on the wall of the womb whose uterine lining would have been already prepared to receive the arriving, fertilized egg.

The process, though highly complex, proceeds with fabulous precision. Only God knows if pregnancy will take place. Only He knows the sperm-egg combination that will generate the “coming” human being.

III- Secrets in our bodies?

 – Fertilization “rituals” in the Fallopian tube?!

Regarding fertilization, I once read that a Dutch scientist claimed that the male’s fertilizing sperm orbits the female’s mature “egg” in the fallopian tube 7 times, anticlockwise, before it penetrates it.

End part of the coccyx is indestructible!!

After fertilization, the egg migrates towards the uterus and reaches it at the end of the 1st week. The 2nd week will be the week of its implantation on the uterus’ wall. At the beginning of the 3rd week, the “primitive streak” (ps) is created. Before the creation of the ps, no cell differentiation ever takes place. After the creation of the ps, ( mesenchymal) cells start migrating from it, which is seen as the process of cell differentiation: The “ritual” of “assigning tasks” to the cells that will be immediately, after that, active in the process of building the fetus’/embryonic body. This activity of  the ps, in forming mesoderm, slows down in the early beginning of the 4th week, after which the ps shrinks and recedes to the sacral zone, at the bottom of the vertebral column, where it resides in the last vertebra of the coccyx.

 The German scientist Hans Spemann carried out research work on the ps and concluded that it organizes the creation of the fetus’ body and called it the “primitive organizer” (po).

He went further:

i- He cut the ps from one fetus and planted it in another fetus of the same age. The result was the emergence of a secondary fetus out of the hosting body.

ii- He experimented on amphibians and obtained similar results.

iii- He “crushed” the ps/po and repeated the experiments. The results were the same.

iv- He boiled the ps/po and planted it in another fetus. Results did not change.

Out of that, he concluded that the cells of the primitive organizer survived crushing and boiling, and their full characteristics were maintained! [In 1935, he was awarded the Noble Prize for his discoveries.] Because of his early experiments on embryos, he is sometimes referred to as “the father of cloning”.

 The coccyx is the triangular bony structure at the bottom of the vertebral column, and it consists of 3 to 5 bony segments, as the photos below show:

# # # # # # # # #

IV- Birth Miracle Unfolding

Innumerous Questions Remain Unanswered

( Days and weeks are counted “from fertilization”)

The process of birth is undoubtedly complex, puzzling and enigmatic, and it remains beyond man’s ability to decipher. Simply put: Birth is one of God’s miracles unfolding before our eyes.

Man’s ability to describe this process, does not change the credibility of such a statement.

Many questions arise in one’s mind that remain unanswered and will never be answered by man. For illustration, we limit ourselves to the prenatal human development.

i- At the beginning of the female’s Monthly Cycle/Menstrual Cycle (MC), the hormone level regulator (HLR), in her body, “orders” the pituitary gland (PG) to release the egg stimulating hormone (FSH), which maturates several eggs in the ovary. These eggs release the hormone “estrogen” (E). This rise in the level of E sends messages back to the HLR and the PG alerting them that the maturation process succeeded. Among these mature eggs, one, generally, finally domineers. Here, another pituitary hormone (LH) is released, which instigates the dominant mature egg to leave the ovary to the Fallopian tube, where it waits, or finds the sperms there, for fertilization. At the same time, the uterine lining thickens, becomes rich in blood, and waits for the arrival of the fertilized egg. If fertilization does not take place, thus aborting the awaited arrival, the lining will burst and will be ejected, together with the shed blood, outside the female’s body. The non-fertilized egg will disintegrate, and the process will be repeated periodically.

ii- After fertilization, the egg’s covering thickens and becomes impenetrable to other sperms. The two cells merge, and the zygote undergoes a series of divisions. After about 4 days, the fertilized egg becomes a mass/ball of cells, called morula. The egg, since fertilization, is on its march towards her promised 5-star lodging, the uterus, where every measure of top comfort has already been taken to welcome the awaited guest: The uterine linings has thickened and is full of blood and is ready, with hormones, to nourish and fix the arriving guest in a comfortable location. On its arrival,  entering guest is called, now, blastocyst. In the mean time, fluid, originating from the uterus, starts infiltrating the outer shell of the arriving guest. As this fluid increases, it splits the ball of cells into:

a-      A thin layer surrounding the fluid that will develop the placenta, and

b-     An inner cell mass that will develop the embryo, which will be floating in the fluid.

iii- After the guest’s arrival, no time is wasted: An embryonic disc is developed, and the embryo, generally, is implanted on the dorsal wall of the uterus (womb) during the 2nd week. This implantation means that the “floating baby” becomes linked to his mother through feeding on the secretions of her uterine glands, which may be seen as a “prior-placenta” nourishment stage. The fulfilled implantation mechanism triggers the release of a special hormone from the “floating baby” that will suspend its mother’s MC during pregnancy. The overall view looks, schematically, as follows:

iv- At the beginning of the 3rd week, the primitive streak (ps) develops and starts differentiating the (mesenchymal) cells. This is equivalent to assigning tasks to cells in the mission to build a human body. Before the appearance of the ps, there was no cell differentiation. [This job is over by the early part of the 4th week, and the ps starts shrinking and, ultimately, at the end of the week, receding to a dorsal region that, later, becomes the coccyx, where it resides.] Besides, the bilaminar embryonic disc transforms into a trilaminar embryonic disc, which will bear the brunt of building the human body, tissues and organs. On day 16, a dorsal view of the embryo looks as follows:

v- Weeks 4 to 8 round up the embryonic phase of the human body development:

The first 3 weeks witness the early development of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. However, all major external and internal structures are tailored in this 4-to-8-week period, and the major organic systems are developed before its closure: Except for the cardiovascular system, the functionality of these systems is, generally, minimal.

With this building mechanism for tissues and organs, the embryo, at the end of week 8, will be displaying clear-cut human features.

vi- Week 9 to birth is the fetal phase. The change in name from embryo to fetus is

significant after that the embryo has acquired human features as well as all the major body systems, though in their primordial phase.

 vii- In week 6, day 25, the heart starts beating. Beating becomes detectable. In this week, the placenta starts functioning, together with the umbilical cord, through which the embryo, later the fetus, receives nourishment and oxygen from, and discharges its wastes into, his mother’s blood. This exchange takes place across thin membranes that separate the two blood systems and prevent them from coming into direct contact. Such a contact may be detrimental, especially in the presence of blood-type conflicts.

 viii- From end of week 9, the male/female sex organs start developing their own characteristics though the external organs remain not obvious to the naked eye. Visual recognition of the mature fetal external sex organs becomes, generally, possible from week 12.

 ix- From week 10, although it is rare, mothers may sense the baby’s first movements. However, the mother becomes aware of her baby’s movements, generally, from week 17, and this develops to become her daily experience until birth.

 x- Slow eye movements start from week 14. Eyelids, however, are open from week 26.

 xi- Bones become clearly visible from week 16.

 xii- A fetus born, prematurely, in weeks 22-25, may survive if given intensive care, but it may die during early infancy because its respiratory system is still not sufficiently mature. Medical advances have saved prematurely born babies as young as 24 weeks, but their chances of survival are greatly enhanced if born after 28 weeks.

 xiii- From week 26, a (prematurely) born baby will, generally, survive, with intensive care, because:

a)      Its lungs are capable of breathing.

b)      Its central nervous system has matured to the stage where it can direct rhythmic breathing movements and control body temperature.

 xiv- Weeks 26-27: The spleen is the site for the formation and development of various types of blood cells and other elements.

 xv- From week 28, the spleen’s role, referred to under xiv,  ends when the bone marrow becomes the site for this process.

 xvi- If things move forward without glitches, the baby will come out from his mother’s womb, against her will, after a 9-month pregnancy, to live his assigned portion of life on Earth! [Glitches refer, primarily, to the mother’s unhealthy life style and eating and drinking habits.] Oh! Man! Welcome to our planet Earth:

@@@   @@@   @@@

  After going over the mechanism of prenatal human body development, one becomes more than amazed by the fact that all those “soldiers” involved in this process are “obeying orders” and “fulfilling their tasks” in a mind-boggling climate of harmony and precision! Who is the maestro behind this Symphony of Creation?! The only answer is GOD who is THE OMNISCIENT, THE OMNIPOTENT, THE OMNIPRESENT, THE WISE and THE BENEFACTOR.

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A Golden Rule for Mothers:

> The optimal combination Pregnancy-Breastfeeding Period is 30 Months.

> The Optimal/Maximum Breastfeeding Period is 24 Months.

> This means that the Minimum Pregnancy Period is 6 Months. Babies born before this period, regardless of the reasons behind that, would not be viable.

If they survive for a while, under intensive care, their survival would be very painful for them and for their parents.

> If Pregnancy Period was 9 months, the Optimal Breastfeeding Period would be 21 months. In case of the need to go beyond that, then go and complete a 24-month breastfeeding period.

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Department of Anthropology

TexasA and M University


“In terms of the benefits of extended breastfeeding, there have been a number of studies comparing breastfed and bottle-fed babies in terms of the frequency of various diseases, and also IQ achievement. In every case, the breastfed babies had lower risk of disease and higher IQs than the bottle-fed babies. In those studies that divided breastfed babies into categories based on length of breastfeeding, the babies breastfed the longest did better in terms of both lower disease and higher IQ. In other words, if the categories were 0-6 months of breastfeeding, 6-12 months, 12-18 months and 18-24+ months, then the 18-24+ month babies did the best, and the 12-18 month babies did the next best, and the 6-12 months babies did the next best, and the 0-6 months babies did the worst of the breastfed groups, but still much better than the bottle-feeding group.”

“Breastfed babies still have the “edge” over bottle-fed babies, even in a squeaky clean environment with wonderful medical care. They get sick less often, they are smarter, they are happier. Another important consideration for the older child is that they are able to maintain their emotional attachment to a person, rather than being forced to switch to an inanimate object such as a teddy bear or blanket. I think this sets the stage for a life of people-orientation, rather than materialism, and I think that is a good thing.”

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Much more may yet be reported about human body creation. It is, simply, a Godly miracle unfolding before our eyes, of which very, very, very many people are unaware! They are, even, insolent, nonchalant and becoming increasingly enslaved by their appalling indulgence with physical pleasures! There is a huge sense of apathy, lack of respect and ingratitude, and you feel that the sense of awareness of GOD is almost absent from our daily life!! The way human beings are living shows that apotheosis is becoming widely prevalent: Deification of science, lust, wealth and idols and corrupt ways of living.

Oh! Man! Wake up! What you know is peanuts! Remember that you were not created in vain! Everything you say and do is recorded! On the Day of Resurrection, you will rise from earth like plants and will be trialed! You will be, then, either bad or good, and your fate will be either Hell or Paradise! Make up your choice! It is your decision!

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